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We currently have fourteen districts in the London Region each of which is served by a dedicated Regional Representative (who you can see details of on the Committee page):

District 1                                       City and Central London                                        

District 2                                       Part of West London                                             

District 3                                      West London                                                          

District 4                                       Part of South-East London and part of Kent

District 5                                       South London and part of Surrey               

District 6                                       North-East London and part of Essex                          

District 7                                       Part of North London and SW Herts                 

District 8                                       Part of West London                                             

District 9                                       North-West London                                               

District 10                                     Part of North London and part of SW Herts

District 11                                     Buckinghamshire                                     

District 11a                                   Part of Buckinghamshire and part of NW London

District 12                                     Oxfordshire                                                             

District 13                                     West Berkshire                                                       

District 14                                     East Berkshire                                            

If you have any difficulty in navigating the site, finding contact details for your reps or indeed any query related to your society or yourself as an Individual Member then please do contact me at the email shown under my photo above.

Pam Armstrong
Regional Councillor - London