NODA London Poster & Programme Competition

the competition is now open for entries from show dates
1 january to 31 december 2024

You may send your entries at any time links to the entry forms are at the bottom of the page.
There is one form for posters and another for programmes
All entries MUST be received by the chairman of the panel on or before 31 January 2025

The winners for the NODA London Region will be announced as part of the 2025 Regional Awards.

The winners from each category will be forwarded for judging in the National competition
Trophies for the Winners and Runners-Up of the National Competition are awarded annually at the Association’s Annual General Meeting and Presidential Gala.

We are pleased to announce that Chesham Musical Theatre Company won the national prize for best programme in the Peacock (souvenir) class.  Pictured bwlow left is their Regional Representative, Judith Watsham, receiving the trophy from president Christine Hunter Hughes.



REMEMBER Both posters and programmes MUST feature the NODA logo and strapline

In addition, prorgrammes must include the paragraph "an introduction to NODA"
See here for further details
You should refer to the rules and conditions which are available here


Programme entry form                                        Poster entry form