Welcome to the NODA East section of our website.  Geographically, our region covers the area between the Thames and the Wash, with the North Sea as the Eastern border and the A1 (approximately) as the Western one.

We have thirteen districts, each managed by a Representative with 4 Assistant Reps to support them.  In addition, we have a number of other officers whose contribution to the overall management of the region is key.    For full details of our team, please check out our committee page.

Our membership ranges from small drama groups, up to large Musical Theatre societies, together with many individual and joint members.  Each one contributes positively to the arts and entertainment scene in their district.

I am looking forward to receiving invitations to see our members productions and to get the opportunity to meet and chat with you all.  

As always, the standard of the productions in the East is something we are very proud of and I am always impressed how much our members strive to improve, year upon year.   Our annual Awards Gala lunch will take place on Sunday 10th April 2022.  Having been forced to miss out on this event in 2021, we are looking forward to getting back together to celebrate the amazing achievements of our members.

Despite the vagaries of the recent pandemic, membership numbers in the East appear to be holding steady.  We are now embarking on a programme of development to encourage new members to enjoy all the benefits that membership of NODA provides.  If you are reading this to see what NODA can offer you, then please get in touch with us.

Tessa Davies

Regional Councillor

Tessa  Davies
Tessa Davies