Dear Members

Those of you who attended our recent AGM and Awards Lunch will already be aware of the following information, however, it is important that every member is informed of the changes that have taken place in the management of the Region.

The region’s Councillor, Don McKay, did not stand for re-election this year and as result, I have been appointed Councillor Elect for NODA East.    My appointment will be ratified at the National AGM in September but, in the meantime, I have taken the reins in running the region.

In taking over the running of the region from Don Mckay, I would first like to thank him for his six years’ service as the region’s Councillor preceded by 3 years as the District Rep in the north west of the region.

As the Councillor Elect, I will be fulfilling all the duties required of the Councillor and I would like to ask you to invite me to your productions.  I cannot promise to accept all the invitations, but I am keen to see a wide range of productions from a variety of societies so do please contact me.    I am also happy to receive emails from any member about any matter connected with NODA.  I may then point you in the direction of the right person to answer that query.   My email is at the top of this letter.

We now have several Assistant Reps across the region so, if your own District Rep is unable to attend your production, they will be able to call on someone else to do so.   Please make sure that you direct your requests for Reps visits to the Rep in the first instance, they will then be able to organise appropriate attendance to review and write a report on your show.

Which brings me nicely to the standards that are expected when a NODA Rep or Assistant Rep is invited to review your shows.  Of course, they should be welcomed with their tickets (2 should always be offered) and at least one programme, they cannot write a report if that don’t have the required information!    At the very least, they should be offered refreshments in the interval and, if possible, someone should be on hand in the interval to host them.  This gives the Rep an opportunity to find out more about the society and this will be particularly important when it is an assistant who may not know your society.  When they leave, it is nice for them to be able to say thank you and goodbye to someone from the society.

They are targeted to write the report and send it to you within a week and, subject to no changes being made, that report should then be posted on the NODA website within the following week.  Once posted the reports do have to be ratified and checked before they are published.  So, you should expect to see the report, on the website, within 3 weeks of the last date of the production.

May I wish you all a successful season of shows over the next few months and I look forward to meeting many of you in the future.

Kind regards

Tessa Davies

Councillor Elect, NODA East