How to Host Your Rep When They Visit Your Society


  • It is normal for NODA affiliated societies to invite their District Rep to attend their productions.
  • Societies are reminded that visits are normally limited to two per year, for the purpose of writing a show review but it may be that you wish to invite the rep along to other functions such as your AGM, annual celebratory events or workshops. 
  • Please remember when issuing the invitation that two tickets are normally offered and usually on a night which suits the rep.  (they have a number of shows they need to fit in)
  • Please arrange for someone to greet the rep on arrival.
  • It is nice for the rep to be offered some refreshments in the interval and please ensure that someone is available to host them at that time.  The purpose for this is to allow time to have a chat – perhaps about production issues, rights-holders issues, costume or set problems or indeed any changes in the administration of the society.  It is also an opportunity for you to raise any aspect concerning the service being provided by NODA.
  • Please be sure to provide the rep with a programme to assist them in the preparing of the show review.
  • Also, if you wish your programme to be entered into the NODA Programme Competition, provide them with at least 4 extra copies of the programme for judging purposes.
  • Reps are normally happy to come backstage to speak to the cast after the production.
  • Finally, try to have someone say farewell to the rep and see them off the premises.