Date 26th November 2023
Society Garden Suburb Theatre
Venue Upstairs At The Gatehouse
Type of Production Play
Director Fiona White
Assistant Director Debbie Lane
Stage Manager Shirley Ryder
Written By Terry Pratchett
Adapted For The Stage By Stephen Briggs


Author: Thomas Lennon

My second visit to GST this year and on this occasion, a performance of the Stephen Briggs adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s sixth Discworld novel.

All three witches had contrasting outfits which reflected their personalities however, two other costumes particularly stood out in this production, those of King Verence and The Fool. Great attention to detail on the latter.

The main characters were cast well and the overall result was a well-rounded production which was well received by an eager audience, some of whom I understand, were avid Pratchett fans.