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We Happy Few


30th May 2012


Codsall Dramatic Society


Codsall Village Hall, South Staffordshire?

Type of Production



Phil Harper


Author: Jean Beard

Another District 7 society involved in the RSC Open Stages Project. District 7 has a wealth of acting talent and once again Codsall DS demonstrated their versatility in always choosing plays that are anything but "run of the mill."
This time they presented the Imogen Stubbs play which told the story of the real life Osiris Players, a group whose travelling productions during World War II inspired many people to take up acting as a profession and brought Shakespeare to the Nation by performing in factories and village halls all over the country. Producer Phil Harper knows the strengths of the ladies within the Society and used them to the full. Excellent characterisations from all the cast but in particular from Joanne Strong, Jane Fosbrook, Anne Bowman and Wendy Peterson. A lovely interpretation of a Black Country Maid from Karen Evans.
Most of the cast were called upon to play more than one character and they seemed to slip very comfortably between characters.
The men of the Society were not totally ignored in this play and they demonstrated the over-all talent within this group.
A good set representing a theatre backstage complete with lots of appropriate props.