Treasure Island

Date 12th January 2024
Society Twyford Drama
Venue Loddon Hall Twyford
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Peter Reynolds
Choreographer Crisis Field
Producer Beth Reynolds
Written By Ben Crocker


Author: Cate Naylor

Thank you for the kind invitation to attend your production of Treasure Island and to your Front of House team for welcoming me. This was an enjoyable pantomime full of corny jokes, and a funny messy scene. The cast worked very well together and there were some very strong performances. 

Long John Silver, his motley crew of pirates and the women of the WI, were clearly relishing their roles as ‘cut-throat’ pirates and getting all the humour out of their lines with perfect comic timing. Working against them were the Dame Mrs Hawkins, her son Jim, Squire Trelawney and his daughter Jenny in the race to find the treasure and together, they brought a pantomime full of corny jokes, innuendos and slapstick. 

The show was well cast, and the director had developed the chemistry between the principal actors so that they were very natural together. Together the director and cast brought out all the humour of the script and were brilliant at engaging the audience to participate in the fun. The costumes were vibrant and colourful and the set build team had produced a well-designed and interesting set for the cast to perform on.

It was clear that the cast were having a lot of fun on stage and performed with energy and enthusiasm.