The Wyrd Sisters

Date 4th April 2014
Society Westovian Theatre Society
Venue The Pier Pavilion, South Shields
Type of Production Play
Director Carrie Wilson and Bill Marsden


Author: Gwyneth Hunter

This Terry Prachett comedy, combining members of the Junior and Senior sections of the society, gave scope for all ages.  Some of the cast took on the task of performing two or three roles, which they did very successfully. Throughout the play, there were several references to the “Scottish play”, not least that three of the main characters were witches.

The witches were very well played by Jason Woods as Granny Weatherwax, Melanie Tate as Margrat and Mary Stephinson as Nanny Ogg.  Mary was very funny and retained her excellent character throughout.  Jessica Ingoe, as the domineering Lady Felmet, and Jim Ramsey, as Leonal Felmet, were a good match and worked well as a couple.  I loved Eddie McNamee in his theatrical character. The hat, scarf and fur gilet were perfect, particularly with the head tossing and posing.  Miriam Beber was good in her three characters, but I particularly liked her stroppy Peasant, while Daniel Lee gave us a sympathetic Fool.

There were twenty one scenes in the play which were created with lighting and using the various levels on the fixed set. This was well done and allowed everything to flow easily.  The actual play was quite demanding as well as funny, so congratulations must go the production team, cast and crew for pulling it off.