The WOW Show

Date 14th November 2013
Society WOW Youth Musical Theatre
Venue Pavilion Theatre, Weymouth
Type of Production Musical Compilation
Director Martine Burt
Musical Director Heather Reed
Choreographer Martine Burt


Author: Peter Wheeldon

‘Energy’, ‘Vitality’ and ‘Dedication’ are the words that most immediately spring to mind when setting out to describe this scintillating show presented by fifty four talented young people giving their all to their performances.  WOW’s latest production was a non-stop musical compilation with widely ranging themes to show off the remarkable versatility of this youthful company.  We were treated to excerpts from a miscellany of well-known West End shows, including a very engaging medley from ‘Matilda’ performed by 10-13 year olds, as well as accomplished renderings of some testing classical pieces.  Throughout the show, the musical numbers were excellently performed, showing all the signs of having been very well schooled, and involved a succession of soloists thereby demonstrating strength in depth amongst the group.  It was also good to see a very strong showing of boys in this year’s cast.

But there was also another essential ingredient that transformed what otherwise would have been a concert, albeit a fine concert, into a full-blown musical show.  And that ingredient was, of course, movement.  Wherever appropriate, director Martine Burt had devised intricate end eye-catching choreography to complement and enhance the vocal delivery.  As has been evident in previous shows, Martine has great rapport with her young cast and it is clear from their performances that she gets the very best out of them.  This show was, in my view, the most visually pleasing and the most choreographically complex production that WOW has staged as yet.  And it wasn’t only the movement that impressed.  For those numbers in which dance did not figure, the groupings and disposition of the performers were so arranged as to add weight to the songs themselves.  None of this would have worked, however, without strong support from the pit, and, once again, WOW were fortunate to have the formidable Heather Reed in charge of that department.

This was the sixteenth WOW show that I have seen, and it is safe to say that it did much to preserve and enhance the reputation for high standards set by those that have gone before.