The Gondoliers

Date 2nd March 2013
Society Hereford Gilbert & Sullivan Operatic Society
Venue The Courtyard, Hereford
Type of Production Musical
Director Alistair Donkin
Musical Director Alan Durman
Choreographer Alistair Donkin


Author: Louise Hickey

This was a very enjoyable and colourful performance.  It was lovely to see the wide variety of ages on stage.  Russell Painter and Jonathan Sayce were very good as the Gondoliers and I particularly enjoyed Russell’s ‘Take a pair of sparkling eyes’ which brought back very fond memories for me. The voices of the ladies of the society were outstanding as always. The men were very good too. Laura Durman as Gianetta and Leanne Player as Tessa were flirty and coy in equal measures.  The comedy (as expected in a G&S productio) came from Alan Durman as The Duke of Plaza Toro, who has made patter his forte and Gill Haslam as The Duchess who, as always, takes a commanding stance and James Butterworth as Don Alhambra who has the most expressive face. Hannah Roper and father Ian played Casilda and Luiz, the love interest, and were comfortable in their roles and Hannah has such a beautiful voice she is a joy to watch.  The costumes were stunning and added the finishing touches to the show. Well done to everyone involved and thank you for inviting me.