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The Elephant Man


12th January 2018


Loughton Amateur Dramatic Society


Lopping Hall, Loughton, Essex

Type of Production



Jean Cooper


Author: Jacquie Stedman

This superb production of the story of Joseph Merrick was another example of the versatility of this group.  Congratulations to the entire production team for enabling this production to have such a profound effect on the audience.  Once again some really first class portrayals with a mixture of both new and established performers.  The doubling of some of the characters worked extremely well with each of the characters being clearly defined – in the case of the pinheads they were unrecognisable when they became members of the aristocracy.  Each and every actor was completely immersed in his character giving so much depth to the performances.

Initially this would appear to be a play with primarily three main parts, but all the other characters added so much to the overall feel that it is difficult to imagine the story/play without them.  They all impacted on Merrick’s life in one way or another and in varying degrees. 

Although it was very obvious that John Merrick was not going to have a long life, even in the caring atmosphere of the hospital, his death, when it came, was very sensitively handled.  From what I understand his one wish was to sleep lying down as other men, so one could almost say that he chose his own way to go if Pomerance’s play is to be believed.

In LAD's depiction of this story there was pathos, humanity and sensitivity, but above all there was humour which prevented it being a maudlin evening, but one where hope and humanity reigned supreme.