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The Best of British


26th April 2019


Northallerton Musical Theatre Company


The Forum

Type of Production



Nic Jenkins

Musical Director

Geoff Foxall


Nic Jenkins


Author: Rhoda Fraser

The Best of British, what a title to be challenged with, but Nic Jenkins rose to that challenge. Nic has worked with Northallerton Musical Theatre Company as Choreographer before but for this show she took on the roll of Director as well. What a great job she did. It is difficult to move such a large company from one musical number to another but she did this very well, very slick, sometimes just slight changes to give everyone their “moment”, great use of an open stage. The show was greatly enhanced by wonderful lighting giving many numbers great atmosphere. Lighting designed by Paul Phillips and Mark Jackson, working with their team of five.

Musical Director for the show was Geoff Foxall who upon reading the program has a huge and varied CV, and is obviously a very talented gent. This was proven by the wide range of music he prepared for the show, and the way he used his small but perfectly formed Orchestra. To cover the best of British is a mammoth job but we enjoyed a wide and varied show, many of my personal favourites and frankly had I been sat on the end of the Isle I would have been up and dancing. Particularly your Beatles medley, oh yes the audience loved it, with the full company it brought act 1 to a powerful crescendo.

As with your show last year, “100 Musical Years” so much to learn and remember for the company, but there was no fault in their continued enthusiasm.  The Juniors also gave a polished and joyful performance with their renditions of “Hakuna Matata” and “When I grow up”, showing the strong solo voices of Holly Hilton, Thor Harris, Sam Wilson, and Jennifer Harvey.

It is so hard to single out members in this type of show but David Ferry gave us a very strong rendition of “Paint it Black” a very atmospheric piece. On the comedy side of the show the “WI Calendar” was the tops. Andrea, Barbara, Lucille, Linda and Joanne what a team, and willing to take their corsets off as well!!!! Joanne Walker revels in this type of comedy and she must be at least 104!!!! Keep going Joanne age is just a number.

The Bond medley was a good zippy opening to the second act, very nice mixed costumes with care and attention to accessories lots of glitzy bits gave us the Bond feeling and again a good lighting plot. The audience were immediately hooked.

The grand finale was led by stalwarts James Cornick and Andrea Atkinson, with the program we were all given a flag to wave which was a nice touch. Costumes in red white and blue gave a colourful patriotic picture. Well done to Tessa Currigan and her team. We all went home feeling great to be British and had forgotten Brexit even existed! Many thanks for a great night out.