Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Date 30th November 2023
Society Crowthorne Amateur Theatrical Society
Venue Crowthorne Parish Hall
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Kaitlyn Buchler
Musical Director Lu Pike
Choreographer Lissy Klonaridis
Producer Charlotte Gouldsmith-Leigh
Written By Pumpkin Pantomimes


Author: Nick Humby

Crowthorne Amateur Theatrical Society’s annual pantomime is a Pumpkin Panto script with some classic comic routines including the Kitchen baking sketch, the Ghost bench, and the twelve days of Christmas and some of the oldest Pantomime gags you will hear this season. But what makes this Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs stand out is having two Dames as the Queen and the Cook and a puppet as the man in the mirror as this freshens up the story telling and drives the show. Indeed Dame Fritzi, the chef, leads the audience engagement with an excellent fruit pun run and ad libs that takes confidence and quick wit to deliver so well. 

The script calls for a wide range of characters with a lot of roles to give society members a moment centre stage as Goodies, Baddies, Seven Dwarfs, and the Ensemble. The Dwarfs were very well done with six on their knees creating distinctive characters and the seventh standing tall as a running gag throughout. Each member showed plenty of enthusiastic energy transferring their joy of being on stage to the audience. A fun show that honoured the traditions of pantomime, gave everybody in the society a role to play and was enjoyed by the audience.

There were some good music choices throughout including Is this is the way to Amarillo, I am what I am, Singular Sensation, Just want to have fun, A Million Dreams , Dancing in the Street and Always look on the Bright side, although at times the prerecorded music did overwhelm the singers’ voices. Overall, the show has a very well judged two hour running time and provides a very enjoyable kick off to the Pantomime Season .