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29th November 2012


Codsall Dramatic Society


Codsall Community Hall

Type of Production



Wendy Peterson/Colin Peterson


Dan Harper


Author: Jean Beard

It is never difficult to step back in time, be a child again and be thoroughly entertained by Codsall Drama Society's annual Childrens' play. This year was no exception. We sang, laughed, hissed, booed, sighed and barked like a dog at all the appropriate times. Watching the children in the audience was almost as much fun as watching the actors. The play was staged in the round and the closeness of the actors to the aduience created a very special atmosphere The cast were all so into their characters and all supportive of each other. The Mirror portrayed by Phil Harper was indeed a baddie and the children in the audience didn't let him forget that they didn't like him. In turn Phil looked as though he ate children for breakfast! Snow White (Jessica Cox) was charming and the Queen (Nikki Ellis) was truly awful to Snow White and not much better to her poor husband the King (Chris Fairhurst.) Very few societies have the ability to present a play for children but it is something that Codsall excel at year after year.