Sister Act

Date 27th April 2016
Society The DODS
Venue Lister Hall, Dursley
Type of Production Musical
Director Darren Kitchin
Musical Director Roger Winter
Choreographer Val Lockley


Author: Dee Way

Finding someone to fill the shoes of Whoopi Goldberg might have seemed impossible, but the company did it – and provided a wonderfully entertaining evening of drama and music. The direction set the show in the 1970s, which gave an opportunity to dress the cast in purple to very good effect. The discipline of the actors, backstage crew and musicians was excellent, the script was clear and the singing and dance routines were very good. The offstage safety announcement by Deloris was done beautifully, in her soft American accent. The ‘pope’ emerging from the orchestra pit was amazing! In all, the organisation and creativity of the show was excellent.

The set was as excellent as ever, with a nightclub start revealing a sparsely furnished convent and, later, the church with lit stained glass windows, a rose window, and a giant figure of Mary built against the large-block stone effect walls. The wooden chairs and dressing table/desk downstage was very versatile. This transformed easily into the police station when required, and into the local pub with a jukebox, at one point. The set changes were very efficiently done, with the introduction of confessional booths both times unexpected. The props for this show were very good, with wooden platters, rosaries, keys and crucifixes for the nuns looking just right. The mock piano was great!

The costumes were suitable for the nuns, and made it clear just how difficult it is to recognise people in wimples!  Curtis, the crook, looked suitably powerful in his brown striped suit, with his henchmen in waistcoats. Deloris started in a wonderful wig and the policemen looked the part. The Irish priest might have worn purple at the start, if he was a cardinal, but his progression upwards through the capes was lovely. The quick changes for the nuns, behind the curtain and onstage, were ingenious!

The lighting in the hall was exceptionally good, with the church windows lit at times, and at other times a gobo creating the effect of the convent chapel on the back wall. Together with all the other lighting provided and the spotlights used, this was a work of art. The sound was well balanced, but occasionally the accompaniment was a little for loud for the singers. However, the music was well played and gave a very rhythmical backing to the songs and dance routines.

This production was a great team effort that produced a highly enjoyable production!