Sinbad the Sailor

Date 30th November 2018
Society Actonians Drama Group
Venue Iron Acton Village Hall
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Bob Allen
Musical Director Robert Pardoe
Choreographer -


Author: Dee Way

This was a traditional pantomime in every sense, with slapstick, magic, good comedy, great character names, current references and doctored songs. The script for this show was excellent, written for you by one of your members, and worthy of being shared for wider use. I loved the concept of the good fairy and the wicked witch characters being Greek gods, while the rewrites of various songs were inspired!

The Direction was excellent, using the restricted stage space to excellent effect. The show was well planned, with entrances and exits creatively tuned to the script. The pace of the show was very good, with so much happening it was hard to take it all in. Indeed, the impression was that those onstage were having enormous fun, which communicated well to the audience.  

The scenery was fabulous, with a village, market, a house, anchor chains and boat all created very effectively onstage. Wheeling the cannon on deck was a lovely touch on the ship, while the kazbah looked completely authentic.  The creation of the jolly boat was magical, as it was built in front of the audience.  

The music was very well played and allowed space for events onstage to be prolonged. The support for the singers and the highlighting of corny jokes was well done.  The band was notably included in the action at times, creating a very good sense of teamwork between the actors and the musicians.  The lighting and sound were very good, with timely thunder and lightning, good cueing and effective sound levels.

The costumes were wonderfully bright, cheerful and colour-coded for certain groups, which helped to identify who was who. Make up was good, especially for the Dame who was played as a wonderfully over the top character.  

The acting was excellent, with everyone onstage fully committed to their roles, and having great fun in playing off each other.  Diction was excellent, too, with no microphones used, while the energy of the company was exemplary. The singing and characterisation were all very good, too, with good variety and pace.

This was a highly enjoyable evening of entertainment, well directed and performed, with great fun generated through the excellent script. Congratulations!