Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood

Date 12th January 2018
Society The Chameleons Amateur Dramatic Society
Venue Claremont High School, Kenton


Author: Carole & Bill Baynes

The Chameleons presented their slant on Robin Hood and Babes in the Wood as written by Helen & Rachel Stevens.  This version was narrated by Red Riding Hood (Minal Robson) and the dialogue was "signed" brilliantly by Craig Bartlett. This version followed the usual relationship between our hero Robin Hood (Rachel Simpson) Heroine Maid Marian (Aimee Finerty) and villain The Sheriff of Nottingham (Robert Spolander) all giving very good characterisations.  The Merry Men were a mixed bunch of ladies - two of whom doubled as "Bake Off" presenters. It is difficult to come up with a totally credible character for the Dame in this panto but Chirag Goyate gave us a very glamorous Lady-in-Waiting to Maid Marian - and one clever enough to teach modern maths to the village children! The only magical characters were the talking wolves - two rather inept henchmen to the Sheriff (played by Stuart Everett and Laurie Marks). There were some talented children in this panto - the "Babes in the Wood" being particularly notable - Jairaj Varsani and Leea Patel. Most of the music was modern -popular with cast and audience and was well presented with good choreography - well executed. This show encompassed all the ridiculous elements of pantomime with plenty of silliness to keep the children happy and enough innuendo to keep the adults entertained.