Robin Hood and His Merry Men

Date 5th January 2024
Society Woodford Pantomime
Venue James Hawkey Hall, Woodford
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Michelle Fisher, assisted by Dawn Young
Choreographer Ellie Dennis and Siena Reed


Author: Paul Daynes

Following last year’s regional Best Pantomime award for Cinderella, we all had high hopes and expectations of seeing another excellent Woodford Panto and we weren’t disappointed. This year’s Robin Hood and his Merry Men was terrific and featured all the familiar Woodford ingredients that have created their own brand of traditional Christmas family entertainment. This was a gorgeous, lavish production with fabulous costumes, sets, music and a spectacle that gave good value for money.  

There were many great panto performances from the troupe of well drilled dancers to Gary Hellyer-Forde’s Dame Nelly, his first go at Dame and one that we hope will be repeated. James Kenneth was excellent as Jack the Jester and had the energy, attack and connection with the audience just right. 

This production ran for over two weeks and is a big part of the Woodford community and tradition for many local children and families. This was their 61st Pantomime and here’s to many more to come.