Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

Date 5th January 2022
Society Bath Unity Players
Venue Kingswood Theatre, Bath
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Katrina Cowie
Musical Director Julia Barrett
Choreographer Mrs D M Cruse and Katrina Cowie
Producer Katrina Cowie
Written By Katrina Cowie


Author: Dee Way

"Red Riding Hood and the Wolf” is a different and very creative take on the story of Red Riding Hood. I gather that rehearsals have been tricky due to the pandemic, which also resulted in a small cast and other adaptations. However, the entire show was vibrant, energetic and engaging and formed a lovely old-style pantomime that was thoroughly enjoyed by all present.  

The script was written by the Director, Katrina Cowie, and as usual was excellent, full of puns, jokes and up to date references. Characters were clearly drawn and their interactions were well choreographed.  The music was fitting, a good volume and tempo and enhanced the atmosphere no end. The songs in the show were well rehearsed and well performed.  The staging was very good – fairly simple but very effective, with the triangular wings rotating to change the scenes, the use lights on the back cloth to suggest a forest and the presence of a raised platform across the stage to give height variation. The lighting and sound, as ever, were very good, with excellent cueing and good visual effects giving a simplicity of presentation that suited the pantomime well.  Costumes and make up were very good and scene changes were slick and unobtrusive.

To highlight a few key characterds, the wolf was played very well, the dame, Nessie, was wonderfully larger than life, with her various hats and wonderful costuming!  The liquorice allsorts on her hat looked real enough to eat.  'She’ showed very good movement, in swinging 'her' skirts round and yet was able to become part of the crowd when necessary.  Maisy and Daisy and were lovely as the milkmaid and cow.  This was excellent comedy, with the play on “moo” in all sorts of words.  Maisy looking coy was very well done with lovely clear body language.  Splinter and Chop, the comedy duo, added to the confusion of the action beautifully. The baking scene was particularly fun – with the cake emerging from the oven fully decorated!

Bath Unity pantomines are not complete without the young dancers.  The dances on this occasion were beautifully devised and performed with creative choreography and those fabulous cobweb costumes.  My hearty congratulations on a very entertaining evening – complete with audience interruptions and shouting.  It was a good new twist on the old fairy tale that gave the story a new feel.  The smaller cast worked well on the restricted stage area and the engagement with the audience was magical!  How nice to be back!!