Pride and Prejudice

Date 25th November 2023
Society Worcester Park Dramatic Society
Venue Adrian Mann Theatre
Type of Production Play


Author: Stuart James

I had a truly warm welcome at my first official outing as NODA Regional Representative for District 3. Choosing this version of Pride and Prejudice proved to be exceptionally clever as it not only presented the classic story but also cleverly wove in modern scenes. These included analyses by an acting troupe, a TED talk, a school classroom, and filmmakers. Each modern element provided fresh insight into Austen's world, fostering a stronger connection with the audience.

The director's debut was wonderful, balancing dramatic and comedic moments just as the author intended. The cast delivered warm performances, drawing the audience into their world. While the characters were engaging, more emphasis on physical and vocal technique could have further brought them to life.

The extended production team performed well, but quicker lighting pick-ups and refined scene changes would have enhanced the production's pace. Nevertheless, commencing my NODA duties with WPDS was a delight. I extend my gratitude for a thoroughly entertaining afternoon and commend the team for staging a show of which they can be proud.

In summary, this adaptation's cleverness, the director's debut success, and the actors' warm performances made for an engaging experience. Suggestions for improvement in character work and production pace aim to enhance future performances. Overall, a delightful start to my NODA responsibilities with WPDS.