Prescription for Murder

Date 19th May 2016
Society Westovian Theatre Society
Venue Pier Pavilion South Shields
Type of Production Play
Director Peter Dawson


Author: Foster Johnson

The Westovians have just got that happy knack of staging good entertaining shows and they are never better at doing so when offering thrillers that are both macabre and have an element of black humour about them.

So it was with their latest offering Prescription for Murder. Set in the quiet town of Bere Knighton in Devon it tells the tale of the local doctor Richard Forth played superbly well by Gary Manson whose hectic life and work schedule is continually affected by his ill wife Barbara (Kirsten Walton), ex girlfriend Julia (Miriam Beber), intruding visits from neighbours Mary and Allan Haigh (Christine Prince and Allen Howes), home help/cleaner Dorothy (Mary Stephinson) and the unannounced appearance of a stranger Eric Dawson (Andrew Dawson)

As with all “Who Dunnits” there are twists and turns at every stage, including the introduction of an unseen and unknown ex finance of the Doctor, murders, alleged murders, and suicides before the culprit(s) are revealed in the final scene.

This was Kirsten’s first show for the Society and she was excellent in the role, and added to the outstanding C.V.   she already possesses. Andrew  is a young talent that just continues to develop and getter with every performance, whilst Miriam played the role of the self important ex to perfection. As for Mary she is a vastly experienced actress and brought all her talents to the for in this wonderful character part.

Last but by no means least Christine and Allen  who are relatively new to taking Principal parts were never overshadowed and brought a good understanding to their roles of  the dominating wife and hen pecked husband which added much to the show.

Finally as with all of their shows the set and lighting were first class and well supported by the clever use of incidental music.