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Once Upon a Happily Never After


13th January 2018


Great Barr Musical Theatre Company


Holy Name Parish Centre Great Barr

Type of Production



Emily Stephens

Musical Director

Annette Bird


Alex Bates


Author: Paul Douglass

This was another home grown success from Great Barr MTC. Written by member Craig Smith who also took on the role of The Author during the production and also co-directed the show.

After an accident on his way to the reading of his new book the pages are all in a mess. Where did the missing pages go and can The Author pieces the story back together?

The tale introduces us to Red (Hayley Jinks) who is trying to catch The Big Bad Wolf (Jo Rhodes) or is it a big rat. We meet 'Muttons (Olly Clark) who helps in the quest as the wolf is eating all of the flock that Muttons belongs to. We also meet the mysterious Richard (Emily Paine) who suddenly appears and does not know who he is. During the story we are given various clue's and it turns out that he is in fact Dick Whittington. The rat's boss, who wants to be King is really The Pied Piper of Hamlin (Jim Nuttall). Will good triumph over evil, will Hamlin get his own way? You need to see this wonderful piece of community theatre to find out.

Craig did a very clever job in joinng tales together and giving it a twist. I look forward to seeing his next piece. The costumes looked good and the film at the beginning was a great piece and well received by the audience as it set you up ready for more. The Chorus worked well and sang well together. You could tell that everyone was enjoying themselves. Director Emily did a great job with the script.

This society has a lot of talent and it showed in this production.

Well done to you all.