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2nd December 2017


Musical Theatre Salisbury


Salisbury City Hall

Type of Production



Author: Brian Oliver

Oklahoma! Was the first of many successful musicals created by Rogers and Hammerstein and It be came a huge success for them. Although it is now somewhat dated, it still remains a popular choice for amateur theatre companies, I know of two other local groups who have put on a production of Oklahoma during 2017.

This production was certainly up to MTS’s usual high standard. The principal roles were all excellent, they all looked good, sounded fabulous and made a great team. I was particularly impress by Emma Clammer (Laurie), I thought that she had an outstanding voice which sent a shiver down my spine.

The director had chosen to cast a very talent young man, Angel Cascario, as Jud Fry. I did like the way that the character was portrayed, but in my opinion he was not threatening nor big enough to challenge Curley Although there is not a great amount for chorus members to do in Oklahoma, when the ensemble were on stage they performed with great enthusiasm and the choreographed numbers were super

Perhaps my eyes are beginning to let me down, because I felt that the stage was far too dark, not bright enough, the Oklahoma sunshine was missing. There were times when the faces of the cast were in shadow so it was difficult to see facial expressions. I also found that it was a little distracting having the light and sound desks, in the line of sight, on the floor of the auditorium, in front of the raked seating, instead of at the rear of the hall. However, the move paid dividends, because the sound balance was excellent throughout, where in previous visits to this theatre, it has at times been very poor.

Well done to all concerned.