Jack and the Beanstalk

Date 24th February 1913
Society Hereford Amateur Pantomime Society
Venue The Courtyard, Hereford
Type of Production Pantomime
Musical Director Simon Allen
Choreographer Lisa Fraser


Author: Wendy Winterburn

This was a very enjoyable and slick performance.  It was lovely to see the wide variety of ages on stage.  Barrie Spink was very good as Fleshcreep and got lots of boos and hisses as his character deserved and his two solos were sung very well.  Jane Spink and Jaki Poole were very good as Jack Trott and Jill respectively.  I enjoyed Jill's solo of Rescue Me whilst in the cage in the giants castle.  Dame Trott was very well performed by Steve Raven along with Sam Stacey as Simon Trott.  Push and Shove played by David Piears and Stuart Dalton respectively were a good double act and I liked Shove's exclamation of “Have mercy Percy!”  All musical numbers were well sung and also the dancing was well done.  The set was very good and I liked the effect of the Beanstalk growing.  Well done to everyone involved and thank you for inviting me.