Date 5th December 2019
Society Bath G & S Society
Venue Mission Theatre, Bath
Type of Production G&S
Director Juliette Coad
Musical Director Peter Blackwood
Choreographer Juliette Coad
Producer Juliette Road


Author: Dee Way

The staging of this tale of fairies and peers was wonderfully timed with the coming General Election in mind! Perhaps that was what added that special something to the production that made it so very enjoyable.

The production was extremely well planned by the director, giving the action a smooth flow of interest and presentation.  The decision to perform in the round was inspired and made very good use of the limited space within the theatre.  It also brought the audience closer to the players, creating a wonderful intimacy that was very well used for hearing clearly and seeing facial expressions. 

The set was ingenious, with a central fairy ring, a sentry box and a large trunk carefully positioned to give a good sense of space.  The use of the large Christmas tree within the action was highly inventive and worked very well in filling those small moments when the main action slowed down.  The props were both imaginative and fitting, particularly with the hobby horses passing around the lords.

The music was very well played. The benefit of the live music was clear in the pauses taken, the timing of entrances and the matching of singing to accompaniment. Besides which, the clarity of the score was delightful to hear!

The choreography was very well devised and performed, and the patterns for the parade of lords were highly effective.  Lighting throughout was excellent, with subtle changes directing attention to various areas, while the lighting inside the trunk was completely magical!  The costumes were fabulous - the fairies in wonderfully bright net creations and the lords in tweeds and dress suits. Wigs and make up were equally well done, with all the fairies looking really glamorous.

From the cast, the singing and acting were very good with strong characterisations and excellent solos. The chorus work was very effective, with the cast clearly addressing the audience with their comments - and having enormous fun. 

This production was excellent.  The whole company worked very well together to create a truly magical evening, supported by excellent music and technical crew.  Congratulations to you all!