Hot Mikado

Date 9th May 2013
Society Bilston Operatic Company
Venue Springvale Sports & Social Club
Type of Production Musical
Director Maggie Page
Musical Director Paul Woodhall & Brenda Arnold
Choreographer Sarah Morrison


Author: Alf Rai

The Company decided to take on the challenge of performing a summer show rather than their normal fund raising concert and what an excellent decision this turned out to be, providing a wonderful nights entertainment in cabaret style including an evening meal.

They even managed to overcome the restrictions of the venue producing a bright, lively and very colourful show.

Steve Yeomans (Ko-Ko) was excellent, playing the role quite differently as the nerdy, undesirable Lord High Executioner. Steve’s comedy timing was to be commended.

All the Principle cast performed well, with Dan Smith (Nanki-Poo) the condemned son of the Mikado who falls in love with Yum-Yum (Harry Golightly) whilst travelling with Titipu orchestra. Harry has one of the sweetest Soprano voices I’ve heard in a while. Ellie Davies (Pitti-Sing) and Kelly Ashman (Peep-Bo) compliment Harry perfectly as the Three Little Maids.

There were steadfast performances from seasoned performers Paul Roberts (Pooh-Bah) David Ball (Pish-Tush) and of course Mike Thomas (Mikado).

The two big ballads in the show, Katisha’s Entrance and Hour of Gladness were sung with great emotional passion by the evergreen Maggie Page.

Good support from a well choreographed chorus and the three piece band, although at times the piano and keyboard sound levels did tend to overpower the dialogue and singing.

A warm welcome from the Front of House team ensured that the audience had a delightful and very different type of theatrical experience.

Well done to everyone concerned.