Date 4th December 2023
Society Progress Theatre
Venue Progress Theatre, Reading
Type of Production Play
Director Chris Moran assisted by Tom Ripper
Producer Penny Wenham assisted by Jordan Emmett
Written By Terry Pratchett and adapted by Stephen Briggs


Author: Cate Naylor

Thank you for the invitation to your production of Hogfather and to my introduction to Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. Set the night before Hogswatch we were taken into a world of fantasy and dark humour. With 20 actors many playing multiple roles, this was a vibrant and energetic production, which had the audience laughing out loud at all the goings on! 

Despite its sinister premise, the Hogfather is full of humour, which the cast brought out in full. They had perfect comic timing, well developed characterisation, great chemistry, and worked together perfectly as a cohesive team. The show romped along with great energy and was a joy to watch with many laugh-out loud moments.There was good movement around the stage with no blocking which was quite an achievement with so many on stage.

The costume team had done a great job to provide all the characters with wonderful costumes, and the set was cleverly designed using moveable flats and rotating toblerones to create the main locations. There were clever ‘drop down’ and ‘lift up’ set pieces which allowed versatility and the ability to create a multitude of different locations

As a newbie to Discworld and learning in my research that there are 36 books in the series, I was concerned that it might be difficult to enter into the fantasy world and to follow what was happening, but this was absolutely not the case. I was completely enthralled by the story and thoroughly enjoyed the production. The entire cast and crew should be very proud of what they have brought to the Progress stage.