Fame: The Musical

Date 12th July 2018
Society Zenith Youth Theatre Company
Venue Kingswood School Theatre, Bath
Type of Production Musical
Director Scott Rogers
Musical Director Roy Page
Choreographer Delia Lee and Julie Dallimore


Author: Dee Way

This show asks for energy and talent, excellent discipline from the whole cast and good characterisation.  All of these were well provided by this young company of accomplished actors, singers and dancers.

The direction was excellent, with everyone able to contribute to the show effectively. The arrangement of the stage and the high level walkway worked very well indeed.  The planning of entrances and exits was very good, moving the large cast efficiently on and off stage in very creative ways.  The set was very good, with a high level walkway and central steps, school-type lockers below and lovely touches of colour in the scenery such as the benches and red stools of the opening.  The staging of many of the scenes was highly innovative, while changes of scenes were very well planned and executed by the cast, giving the production excellent continuity.  

The music group was positioned almost under the front row of seats, so that cast could disappear there yet still be onstage.  This enabled the Musical Director to fully support the performers onstage by clear communication and following the solo singers. The music was excellent, and very well controlled in terms of both volume and pace. 

The lighting and sound and technical back up were extremely well planned and rehearsed.   The important balance between the sound and the singers was very well handled.  The costumes and make up were very good and suited the period and production well. The choreography was very good, and very disciplined, never distracting or overstretching the performers energy levels. The moves were ingenious and very creative, especially the sideways movement early in the show.  There was excellent grouping onstage among the various characters, all of whom never stopped acting.

However, the highest credit must go to the young people performing in this challenging production.  This group worked very well indeed together, creating interesting characters and holding the audience throughout the show. This was a fantastic evening full of energetic dancing and movement, excellent acting and singing by this remarkable group of young people.  Thank you all for a most enjoyable evening of theatre.