Date 12th July 2012
Society Zenith Youth Theatre Company
Venue Kingswood Theatre
Type of Production Musical
Director Scott Rogers
Musical Director Roy Page


Author: Andrew Carpenter

Choreographer: Julie Dallimore/Delia Lee

It is quite a task for a youth group to take on a production of Evita, with its difficult music and a storyline with such adult content. However take it on Zenith Youth Theatre did and they handled it with their usual excellence in singing, movement and acting. The music under the direction of Roy Page was outstanding both with the on stage singing and in the pit. It is obvious that Scott Rogers is ‘at home’ when directing a show like Evita for he draws the very best from all his young actors and is always creative in the way he uses the relatively small stage available to him at the Kingswood Theatre. Obviously to succeed with Evita you need an outstanding singer/actress to play the title role and in Sabrina Messer you had just that. When one sees the name of Tom Corbishley on the cast list one is confident any part taken will be performed with distinction and once again this was the case with the role of Che. There were a number of other tremendous performances including Cara Withers as Peron’s young mistress, Dan Lea in the role of Peron and Taro Bahar as the suave ladies’ man Magaldi . Each time I come to see a Zenith Youth production I go away in utter amazement at what has been achieved in terms of the quality of each and every department. What you have at Zenith is very special. I suggest you bottle it and sell it to others groups for them to follow!