Dead Man's Hand

Date 17th August 2023
Society The Solihull Society of Arts - Drama Section
Venue Alderbrook School Solihull
Type of Production Play
Director Chris Cooper
Producer Chris Cooper


Author: Paul Douglass

This play, directed and produced by Chris Cooper, is really a play of two halves.  In True ‘Agatha Christie’ style two couples are invited to an Italian Villa, both at the invite of a mysterious benefactor.  It was only when the sell out audience were trying to work out ‘whodunit’ that we find out that we are looking at actors rehearsing a play!  They carry on rehearsing but one by one they are killed off just like their characters in the play but in reverse order.  Right up to the end the audience had no idea who the murderer was, and who the person was who brought them all together to this large house, which had its own theatre.  Who were they performing to, who was their audience. 

The cast consisted of six fine actors, Emma Doran, Steve Hayes, Chris Cooper, Lydia Sanders, Alex Fraser and Rachel Pinwell.  All of them worked so well together and really bonded, you could tell that they were enjoying performing.  The costumes looked good and the set was outstanding, just what you expected.

Director Chris should be proud of the production and I look forward to seeing you all again in ‘Robin Hood’.