City of Angels

Date 17th February 2018
Society Zenith Youth Theatre Company
Venue Kingwood School Theatre, Bath
Type of Production Musical
Director Scott Rogers
Musical Director Roy Page
Choreographer Julie Dallimore & Delia Lee


Author: Dee Way

This unusual production was very well put together and performed, with good energy from the cast and some lovely characterisation. What impressed me most was the way that the cast worked together to support each other and create the pictures and characters that made the story so engaging.  

First, I congratulate you on the presentation of this show, set on a stage decorated with giant movie clips and red satin curtains. With the mid level offices suggested by lamps, typewriters, phones and tables, the overall look was sumptuous. The use of screens to shut off and open up areas of action was very well devised and worked very well. Hence the action was not delayed and became much more cohesive. The addition of period touches in the foyer really added to the atmosphere of the evening.

It was clear that the show had been carefully planned, with hardly any pause between scenes and very efficient changes to the set – mostly rolling screens up and down. This was very well co-ordinated with the lighting changes to create excellent and clear changes of mood, time and place. The music was lively and energetic, and well balanced to the singers. The costumes were well planned and enhanced the production greatly, with the vibrant colours at times, and quieter office-wear at others.

The singing and acting were exceptional, especially when the ‘film’ ran backwards. Stine was created as a wonderfully interesting character as the writer of the story, who could change the story at will. Stone played his part as the lead in the story with good insight and understanding. Mallory was incredible in ‘Lost and Found’. In fact, the whole company created a fantastic evening of theatre that made a deep impression on the audience.