BLOG goes back to School

Date 13th April 2018
Society Bath Light Operatic Group
Venue West Wing Roper Theatre, Bath
Type of Production Musical
Director Matthew Finch
Musical Director Matthew Finch


Author: Dee Way

This was a masterpiece of writing and compilation that created a very entertaining evening of theatre. The direction and planning were exceptional in creating such a well put-together show with great continuity. The organisation of the large cast on and off stage was seamless and nicely entwined into the theme. The choice of songs was unusual, but fitted very well into the form of the production, with meaning added to each song by its context.

The acting and singing were excellent, with the young people playing the teachers with confidence and skill. The adult cast acting as school children was brilliant, with so much going on onstage that it was hard to pick up on all the action. Paper aeroplanes thrown, the squabbles, flirting, boasting, teasing - all contributed to the vibrant atmosphere of school days.

The look of the cast was nicely varied in their versions of the school uniform, with the rebels showing up clearly! The teachers, meanwhile, looked suitably characterful (severe or relaxed) in miniature suits, dresses, games kit or kaftans. Every detail was carefully brought into play to create a wonderful atmosphere of school.

The lighting and sound were both excellent. The travel spot was wonderfully used to highlight the solo singers at times, and to throw attention to the main character of the moment. The projection of various images on the back screen was excellent, with tiny changes during songs just adding that touch to the lyrics and the sense of fun. The use of microphones at the front of the stage worked very well, with good variety of volume and tone. The simplicity of the keyboard and drums accompaniment provided space for the singers to shine while the unaccompanied singing was beautiful!  

This was an exceptional evening of music and song with a strong story line and great characters. Congratulations to all involved!