Blackadder Goes Forth

Date 23rd September 2022
Society Pump House Theatre Company
Venue Pump House Theatre, Local Board Road, Watford
Type of Production comedy drama
Director Andrew Knight
Written By Ian Gower & Paul Carpenter adaptation of work by Richard Curtis & Ben Elton


Author: carole Baynes

To celebrate their 50th Anniversary PHTC presented a superb production of 'Blackadder Goes Forth'. Gower & Carpenter compiled four episodes of the final award winning Blackadder series by Curtis & Elton for this stage play. With a brilliant cast and magnificant set this show entertained on all levels. The familiar, often ridiculous but always amusing dialogue was excellently delivered by this talented group and it was a joy to revisit all those wonderful characters, Blackadder, Baldrick, George, Mechett & Darling - all so memorable as were their crazy antics. Cameo appearances of Squadron Commander Lord Flasheart, "Bob" Parkhurst, & Field Marshall Haig created further humorous opportunities.  However the realities of war and the gross loss of life was never far from the equation. The team managed to present an hilarious comedy whilst retaining its tragic poignant conclusion.