Alice in Wonderland

Date 19th June 2019
Society In Your Face Theatre (Seaham)
Venue Seaham Town Hall
Type of Production Musical
Director David Jackson, Stephanie Peacock
Musical Director Jon Isbell
Choreographer Stephanie Peacock, Zoe Cooke


Author: Peter Oliver

Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” junior was the inaugural choice for the newly formed youth section of “In your Face Theatre Seaham” Youth section, under the direction of David Jackson and Stephanie Peacock they used their skills and experience to produce a fantastic showpiece full of wonderful characters in this Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece. Congratulation must go to the production team, Jon Isbell as Musical Director did a sterling job in supporting the youths to deliver some beautiful musical numbers as did Stephanie Peacock and Zoe Cooke who worked magically to deliver some beautiful choreographed dance routines and movement appropriate for the age of this group. The set looked fantastic thanks to David Jackson, Shaun Crosby, John Curtis, Luke Baker and ensemble who created a very colourful and imaginative set which certainly created that wonderland feeling and certainly made good use of the limited space available, excellent lighting plot and sound which added to the overall production designed by Duncan Baxter and great use of props thanks to Sam Mason and Tracey Grievson. Costumes looked amazing and certainly depicted the characters adding a new dimension to this production thanks to Zoe Cooke who hand made each costume and when set against the colourful staging they looked fantastic, well done to the chaperones who I know work tirelessly back stage to make sure everything ran to plan and finally to the front of house staff who made me feel most welcomed.

In this version of the musical the story is narrated by not one but three beautifully characterised Cheshire cats which were fantastically portrayed by Aimee Curtis who certainly delivered a believable character and what  a confident stage presence this young lady has, Romy Wilkinson who was well cast in this role and certainly enjoyed her experience of performing in this principal role and finally Orie Coulton-Goodwin who for me certainly stole the show, I loved his performance, great stage presence and characterisation and it is so good to see someone so young put their heart and soul into their performance. This show also has three Alice’s which were all confidently played with each Alice delivering a different slant to their character as they sang and danced their way through their many scenes and musical numbers Makayla Mountford as the lead Alice, certainly commanded the stage, confident acting and stage presence and what a voice, smashing her musical numbers supported by this amazing cast, I loved the opening number “Alice in Wonderland, In A World Of My Own” beautifully sang. Rebecca Moore as Tall Alice certainly delivered her character well, lovely acting skills coming through and confident vocals lovely contrast between the other Alice’s and finally Amber Welcome as Small Alice who had the most beautiful clear diction, confident stage appeal and the most fantastic vocals for such a young lady. Playing the role of the White Rabbit was Danyl Neil great energy from this young man who made the character his own, great costume and fantastic stage timing although always appearing late as predicted by his character loved his musical number “I’m Late” sang with Alice, Cheshire Cats and ensemble which was beautifully delivered. Playing Tweedle Dum and the March Hare was Sophia Harrison lovely performance from Sophie and what a lovely voice this young lady has. Playing her opposite was Abigale Tindle as Tweedle Dum and Caterpillar; lovely costume as the caterpillar excellent comic timing both young ladies loved the mix up and musical numbers “How D’Ye Do, Shake Hands” performed with Alice. Layton Bone delivered a first-class performance as the Mad Hatter and Dodo Bird, again another great costume, for a young performer he certainly made the most out of both of these characters but came into his own as the Mad Hatter which I felt he delivered with perfection; lovely stage presence and good delivery of his musical numbers. The Queen of Hearts was played with powerful drama by Ebony Davis who demanded everyone’s head should they displease her, good stage presence and confidently delivered her musical number “Simon Says”. Playing her rather milder mannered husband King of Hearts was Corey Bone who also doubled up as the Doorknob both characters were well delivered but I loved his portrayal as the Doorknob very entertaining and confidentially performed.  

Playing the Flowers with attitude were Kathryn Mitchell as Rose, Lilly Mason as Lily, Jacee Thyne as Daisy, Josie Campbell as Violet and Ava Davies as Petunia great performances from these young ladies loved the confidence in their acting and their musical number “The Golden Afternoon” with Small Alice was beautiful delivered. Playing Alice’s governess was Neave Cummings lovely mature performance as was Ian Rush as the Royal Card, loved the costumes in this scene.

Congratulation to the who cast on this your first production, each and everyone of you should be very proud of yourselves and I know that the audience on the night I attended certainly enjoyed the production and can’t wait to see what you are going to do next. Well done to everyone involved with this production of Alice In Wonderland it certainly was a wonderful experience and a great evening of entertainment, well done to everyone involved.