Aladdin JR

Date 10th February 2018
Society City of Plymouth Theatre Company
Venue Devonport Playhouse
Type of Production Musical
Director Katy O’Brien
Choreographer Katy O’Brien


Author: Graham Liverton

First thank you for your hospitality, we were made most welcome by Angela Collins O’Brien MBE and to see a church transformed into a theatre, complete with a two-tier stage and so many facilities backstage was awe inspiring! A huge tribute to those (including Angela) who have worked so hard over so many years to keep theatre alive and kicking in this part of Plymouth.

Aladdin Jr was a real pleasure to watch, to see these youngsters putting their all into it, and coming over with real enthusiasm was a treat in itself!  There was not a huge audience on the night I attended, which was a pity. The local population don’t know what they missed!

Molly Wynne as Aladdin came over well with a singing voice to match and excellently complemented the Princess Jasmine who also had a great singing voice. They looked and sounded so good together.

The Genie played by Joshua Colman had real stage presence and commanded the stage with natural ease, such self-assurance in such a young person is enviable. Finn Morse as Jafar the Vizier was a menacing presence, aspiring to, not only, to take over from the Sultan (Jasmine Titah) but also to marry the Princess, egged along by his side kick Iago (Corlissa Waites) who really brought this mischievous and energetic character to life.

Everyone on the stage did extremely well, and did not stop acting throughout the show, maintaining their individual characterisations throughout. There are too many to mention but they were all brilliant and the choreography was outstanding.

Costumes were colourful and looked stunning, the set had great depth and detail that complemented this show so well, the lighting was superb, songs well-chosen and the clarity and diction extremely good. You could hear every word!

The magic carpet was a  good touch and worked so well!

The Director and Choreographer Katy O’Brien and all connected with Aladdin Jr should be justly proud. Long may this company continue to encourage their youngsters to express themselves, show off their talent and hopefully continue into adulthood, so the future of amateur theatre and performance is secured.