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A Dolls House


25th January 2018


Stock Exchange Dramatic and Operatic Society


The Bridewell Theatre

Type of Production



Jon Foster


Author: Tony Sweeney

Probably Ibsen’s most well known play, this was a marathon for both performers and audiences alike and was an interesting and unusual choice to open the 2018 SEDOS season. 

I did feel some elements caused by the differences in culture reduced the play's impact, especially as it was given a contemporary setting.  The basic premise, that a woman could not legitimately take out a loan without having a male endorsement, clearly would have been true at the time of writing (1879) but not in the present time. The husband bullying his wife into performing an exotic dance for party guests was positively weird, again an expression of how women were suppressed at the time.  I did feel it would have had more impact if it had been performed as a period piece when all the incongruities would have made more sense.