Sunderland Theatre Company

Location Sunderland
Contact Brian Leach -
Rehearsal Venue Deptford & Millfield Community Centre
Havelock Towers
270 Hylton Road

Sunderland Theatre Company is a local theatre company based in the City of Sunderland. We perform a variety of concerts, musicals and one-off productions throughout the year at numerous venues across the region.

The group was founded in 1893 by George Frederick Vincent, a local businessman, organist and composer, who owned a music shop. We celebrated our 120th anniversary in 2013 and updated our image to accompany this new period in the company's history. Formerly known as Sunderland Amateur Operatic Society, the group was re-branded with a new name to better reflect our current interests and activities, and Sunderland Theatre Company was born.

In 2002 the group became a charity (registered charity no.1092896). The aim of the company is to involve people from all walks of life in the dramatic arts, whether as performers or audience members. STCo aims to spread the benefits of community theatre by helping members to develop a variety of skills; not just performance skills but also transferrable skills which can be used in everyday life: confidence, public speaking, team work, business management and event organisation to name but a few.

Some of our past members have progressed to a professional career in the theatre, while others have become influential in the amateur sector on a local and national level. Our members are vital to the continued survival and evolution of the group and play a key role in everything we do. New members are always welcome on stage or off; we value the skills they bring and we hope to provide them with the opportunity to develop further. If you are interested in joining us please contact us via the details given or visit our website for more information.