What Happens in Neverland Stays in Neverland

Date 2nd October 2021
Society TADS Theatre Group
Venue TADS Theatre, Toddington
Type of Production Play
Director Paul Horsler/Jenny De Filippo/Kiera Bird/Alex Greaves/Tristan Hall


Author: Nova Horley

How lovely to be able to attend a TADS Teens production again, and one where a huge amount of thought had gone into the production, the seating and general Covid requirements.  I felt very safe and enjoyed the experience very much.

The premise was nine monologues from various Peter Pan characters, each directed by another member of the cast, or in two cases by Paul Horsler, this enabled safe rehearsals, as essentially only two people needed to be together at any one time, and made this a very varied, interesting and humorous production.

I liked the choice of music used to connect each monologue, and there were some very nice lighting effects, which added to the interest and atmosphere.  I liked the costumes and the set, which all went to make this a good looking and colourful production.

Kiera Bird started proceedings as Lulu.  Kiera had good projection, plenty of expression and set the scene well, with some very humorous observations.

Isabella Bacon was next as the Crocodile.  Very difficult to speak through an all-encompassing crocodile head, but Isabella spoke clearly and by her movements injected expressiveness into the character.

Next came Jenny Di Filippo as Tinkerbell, who captured the light but mischievous feel of a naughty fairy, again with some good comedic moments.

Kiera Bird followed, in a video clip as Wendy, which rang the changes and added interest.  Kiera was very believable.

Tristan Hall was Nibs, very cheerful, but spoke a little too quickly at times, however good expression throughout.

Hook was played by Alex Greaves, he created a nicely evil character, although I would have liked him to look up and make a little more eye contact with the audience.  This would have reinforced the strength of the character.

Smee was played by Tristan Hall, who delivered some comedy lines very well, he perhaps needed a little more emphasis in parts, and more breadth of movement to reinforce what he was saying.

Jenny De Filippo was charming as Seablue, a mermaid.  This young lady injects feeling, understanding and enthusiasm into her lines.

The final monologue was from Alex Greaves as Peter Pan.  He got the joyful Peter well, I would have liked a little more variety in the voice levels to add interest.  A very strong interpretation.

Overall a very good production, I thought everyone pulled out all the stops, and any observations above are meant as a guide for the future.

My thanks to TADS Teens for a thoroughly good afternoon’s entertainment.