Virtually Panto!

Date 15th May 2021
Society Plumpton Pantomime Society
Venue You Tube
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Kate Taylor
Musical Director James Harness
Producer Marianne Cole & James Harness


Author: Kay Rowan

Virtually Panto! - is a show created by Plumpton Pantomime Society.  The journey through pantoland was well crafted and gave everyone a chance to shine.  It appeared the society were revisiting many of the shows they had performed in the past and obviously thoroughly enjoyed every bit of what they were doing.

The ‘Fairy’ and ‘Billy’ made a good job of linking all the various scenes together and their enthusiasm was infectious.  Every single journey into another pantomime brought out impeccable costumes, good make-up and even more importantly high quality singing and acting.

I have always been a great supporter of the backstage crew.  This production brought together even more support staff in the form of the camera and sound crew.  A very successful partnership between the traditional and virtual gave this evening’s entertainment  a very professional finish.

We settled down for the evening with our glass of wine and whilst we appreciated the production took a great deal of hard work and dedication we would have like it to go on longer.  Congratulations to everyone involved in whatever role.  The final result was worth every single heartache you may have encountered.

Thank you for your virtual invite to a super virtual panto.  Roll on next year when we can see each other for real – I can’t wait.

Kay Rowan

NODA South East Councillor