Twelfth Night, or What You Will

Date 18th October 2013
Society Westovian Theatre Society
Venue Pier Pavilion, South Shields
Type of Production Play
Director Rachael Walsh


Author: Gwyneth Hunter

What a splendid group of young people who are a credit to the Westovians. I have watched many of them grow and develop into the talented actors and actresses they have become.

This production was quite a challenge for these youngsters as Shakespeare is never easy in whatever concept it is portrayed. However, having studied it and done some careful re-writes, they coped really well and appeared to understand the tale they were telling. The play was well cast and the Juniors had worked hard to develop a wide and varied collection of characters.

The cast was large and therefore I am unable to mention everyone, but some performances were worthy of special mention. Jennifer Boyack, took on the male role of Sir Andrew Aguecheek and was brilliant, while Connor Woods was very good as Feste, the joker. As well as the comedy aspect, he also sang and played the guitar in the style of a minstrel. Andrew Dawson was excellent as Sir Toby Belch. He was very funny and I loved the voice he adopted for the character. Both he and Charlotte Warriner, as Maria, had excellent diction.

I loved Adam Ramsey as Malvolio, his hilarious, exaggerated movements had the audience in stitches and his character was spot on.  Kate Mann, as the male/female Viola, Jack Young, as Sebastian, and Jesse Horne, as Olivia, were all great and added more depth to the production. Well done to everyone for your portrayal of this very funny play.