Time of My Life

Date 1st October 2015
Society Bedworth Theatre Company
Venue Bedworth Arts Centre
Type of Production Play
Director Colin Udall


Author: Annette Nuttall

This Alan Ayckbourn play follows a family (mother, father, two sons and their partners) in a restaurant.  However in an interesting plot device the timeline isn’t continuous, this takes a bit of working out at first.

The intimate setting of the Bedworth Arts Centre is perfect for this play, it helps to give the impression that you are sat at another table listening in to the conversations. Once again in this small space the set needs to be creative, the mood and scene is set with just three tables and corresponding chairs.

With a play this intimate the performances have to been clear but restrained. All of the cast struck this balance well, Gerry (Jim Boughey) and Laura (Kathryn Griffiths) are the married couple sharing her birthday with their family, the tensions are palpable and increase throughout the play. The eldest son, trying to please his parents but never quite managing was brought to life by Elliott Line, his long suffering wife, Stephanie was portrayed beautifully by Kirsty Bales-Hart. Matthew Chattaway showed the indecisive slightly bumbling side of the youngest son Adam, the scenes where he first met Maureen (Cassie Furey) were some of the funniest, the interaction between the two a joy to watch. The hardest working actor on the stage was Richard Nicholls, he played the parts of all 5 waiters, each with their own hairdo, accent (one very much like Kermit the frog) and personality. He brought a smile to your face whenever he came on the scene.

This play is billed as a comedy but, in my opinion, I would not describe it as such. There are funny moments and scenes but on the whole the issues it looks at are too true to life to be seen as comedy. This is not a comment on the performance but the description (taken from the original play brochure) as a comedy.

Another enjoyable evening of entertainment from Bedworth Theatre Company.