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Things We Should Have Said Today


26th July 2018


Lancing Repertory Players


Lancing Parish Hall

Type of Production



Sue Duncan


Author: Jose Harrison

This was an unusual play based on a farm over a short period of time in Act One and an indeterminate time later in Act Two. Sue did an excellent job with direction making sure that every member of the cast was well placed on stage and gave convincing characterisations. There were a few too many prompts in the first half and a slight tendency to drop their vocal levels at times but for a first night with a very small audience they certainly kept the show going well. The set was outstanding! Andy and Marion must be congratulated. Lancing Players always build great sets but this one was exceptional and the props looked so right for the setting.

Carol Clark as Betty, the farmer’s wife of 30 years, opens the play complaining to her son that she is far too busy to sit and talk. As far as she is concerned this situation continues throughout. She portrays a manic housewife neglected by her husband, driven mad by her mother with dementia and two offspring, who are proving to be a ‘thorn in her side’ at every turn. She gave a fantastic performance convincingly from start to finish. Well done Carol.

Derek Ost as David, her husband, gave an excellent interpretation of a man tied up in the problems of his farm, giving his tractor considerably more attention than he gave his wife. He was ‘laid back’ escaping back to the farm yard at every opportunity. In marked contrast Suzanne Miller, as Gran with dementia, was very much in the way, driving them all mad with her inability to remember any facts for more than a few minutes. She has some wonderful lines and made the most of them.

Last but not least we have the sparing son and daughter both with problems of their own. Hannah cleverly played by Harry Clarke was back to the farm having walked out on her husband. We never really found out why she left him but she came over as difficult to please but quite good with her impossible Gran. George Lake as Tim gave an excellent performance as a young man with the difficult job of telling his parents that he was ‘gay’. He was brilliant explaining his situation to Gran who couldn’t remember who he was half the time.

All round this play made for a fun evening’s entertainment.  Well done.