The Wizard of Oz

Date 30th October 2015
Society Eastbourne Operatic & Dramatic Society
Venue Devonshire Park Theatre Eastbourne
Type of Production Show
Director Jade Powers
Musical Director Michael Cullen
Choreographer Jade Powers


Author: Brenda Gower

This show was presented by Young EODS and it's always great to see so many young people taking part in a production such as this.  All the well known characters were there but there were a few differences in how Dorothy and her companions travelled to the Emerald City which certainly didn't detract in any way from the reason for the journey.  Katie-Louise Wren gave us a feisty Dorothy whose determined attitude stood her in good stead on the journey - such a good singing voice and although "Over the Rainbow" is so well known, Katie gave the song a lovely fresh feel.  Hayley Huggett as Glinda the Good Witch made a delightful entrance and looked and acted every inch the personification of good as opposed to Alessia Del-Gaudio as the Wicked Witch who was truly wicked - what a lovely character to play and Alessia was great in this role.  The three loveable characters of Scarecrow, Tinman and Lion in search of a brain, a heart and courage all brought out their characters in excellent fashion.  Corey Hennelly was a delightful Scarecrow - wonderful movement - and Damon Miller's interpretation of Tinman was just right with Elli Manville as a truly scared and loveable lion.  All the other parts added to the whole thing and everyone looked good on stage thanks to the wardrobe team.  All were in very good voice accompanied by the excellent band (under the direction of Musical Director Michael Cullen) who were never too loud for these young voices.  The scenery was ideal and well handled.  The programme was colourful and made an interesting read and the whole show was most enjoyable.  Congratulations to all involved.