The Vicar of Dibley

Date 1st April 2019
Society Codsall Dramatic Society
Venue Codsall Village Hall Codsall South Staffordshire
Type of Production Play
Director Dan Harper.
Assistant Directors Wendy & Colin Peterson


Author: Jean Beard

An interesting play and one I had not seen before. I must congratulate the Directors and the cast. The characterisations were absolutely spot on if one compared it with the tv series. The Vicar (Sammi Rhead) and Alice (Katie Hallam) were perfectly matched – a real chalk and cheese relationship. The accents from all the cast were faultless. Hugo (Tom Churm) and Alice certainly had the longest kissing scene I have ever witnessed and I was sure they would run out of breath. Ten out of ten for staying power!

David Horton (Matt Birch) displayed all the pompousness once expects from this character always believing he is right in everything he says. Letitia Copley was dizzily played by Anne Bowman, Jim Trott (John Bingham), and Owen Newitt (Andy Cholerton) delivered their usual faultless performances and the roles seemed to suit them to perfection!

It was not an easy play for the society to stage being set in 5 locations but they over-came any problems and even managed to increase audience numbers to a full house for every performance.    

Codsall Drama Society really do care about their audience. On the night I attended there was a blind lady in the audience with her guide dog and she sat on the front row because she could see some differences in light and dark. Before the play they gave her a touch-guide of the set and the major props being used. Assistant Director Colin said that this was quite easy to do and the lady said it greatly enhanced her visit to the play as she could envisage what was happening.

How wonderful it would be if all amateur societies cared so much about their audience. I know that some productions have signed performances but considering audiences with sight problems is certainly new to me.