The Sound Of Musicals 2

Date 2nd March 2023
Society Winchester Musicals & Opera Society
Venue St Pauls Church
Type of Production Concert
Director Suzanne Hall
Musical Director Katie Hickson


Author: Mark Allen

Arriving at a new venue for Winchester Musicals and Operatic Society, St Paul's Church, this was the first of a three show run in three different venues. A compilation show with well recognisable numbers from musicals old and new with a series of sketches, comedic introductions and appalling "dad jokes" led to a very entertaining evening.

St Paul's is a traditional high roofed church, and although I was primed by the chair, Suzanne Hall that all was not well with the acoustics, I am very pleased to say that I didn't find this to be the case, all was well from where I was sat. The great thing about compilation show is that it gives the chorus a chance to "step up to the plate" and this they all did brilliantly. There were some great individual performances (Simon Meanwell-Ralph, "Marvellous Party" by Noel Coward, Amarantha Fennell-Wells "Art is Calling" from the Enchantress (or "I want to be a Prima Donna" as we all know it) and  Rachel Wells rendition of "Send In the Clowns" from A Little Night Music which was full of attitude) this coupled with duets from Guys and Dolls, "Marry the Man" today (Lyndsay Smith) and "Sisters" from White Christmas (Jess and Ellie Eades). The chorus though (and yes this does include the men!) were very very good. Pitch perfect, in tune and in time (again this includes the men!) Katie Hickson had obviously done a very good job here and the small band of three meant that they were not overpowered. The whole of the chorus and soloists were here to have a good time, this was evident and came over into the auditorium.

Simple choreography which added to the overall performance and gave us a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Some compilation shows can be a bit "samey." This was not one of them. 

Well done everybody we had a splendid time. Right, HMS Pinafore next in the grounds of Winchester College, one of my favourites, so no pressure there! Bravo guys.