The Sound of Music

Date 1st September 2012
Society Pantheon Club
Type of Production Musical
Director Steve Mann
Musical Director Mairi Warren
Choreographer Chris Stuart Wilson Zoe Inglis



For many years now, Pantheon Club has been the Glasgow club concentrating on both Drama and Musicals, presenting more than one show a year successfully. This year’s presentation of “The Sound of Music” certainly showed the members’ abilities on both counts, with singing and acting both superb. Lorna Barbara Masson (Maria) certainly managed the contrast between Maria the nun, mischievous local girl creating convent conflict and Mrs. von Trapp, standing up to authority, admirably. Daniel Sedgwick (von Trapp) seemed diffident at first, but that became evident as shyness in Maria’s presence, because as the show progressed, his authority grew, and the gallant Captain showed his authority. The nun’s chorus of 14 at the start showed that song and movement were natural to them, and the religious plainsong was excellent. The contrasting opinions of Melanie Morrison, Lindsay Ross and Danielle
May (Sisters Margaretta, Berthe and Sophia) were well controlled by Linda Miller (Mother Abbess), reprising her rôle from year 2000, whose rendition of ‘Climb every Mountain’ brought audience emotions to the surface. Donna Douglas (Elsa) as would-be stepmother and Gary Bennett (Max) the sitting-on-the-fence parasitic impresario, provided perfect examples of those in Austria prepared to do anything to save themselves in the face of war rather than stand for humanity. There were two teams of children for this production, and Magan Donnachie (Liesl) led the team at the performance I saw. With Christopher Marshall (Rolf) she portrayed some of the conflicts of growing-up and having to make adult decisions very well. The others also reacted well in discovering that a governess could be liked rather than hated. All in all a well-cast, well-moved production which enhanced the Pantheon’s already well-respected position in Glasgow’s amateur performers.