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The Pantomime Adventures of Robin Hood


25th January 2018


Micheldever Variety Group


Northbrook Hall, Micheldever


Vicky Rodd


Sam Rodd


Author: Kay Rowan


The Pantomime Adventures of Robin Hood by Bradford and Webster is published by NODA Limited.  This show is one of three varied productions put on by this talented crew in a year.  The evening was one full of traditional panto lines, corny jokes and the odd bit of slapstick.  In the case of this production all these elements were well contrived and slick.

The scenery was simple but very effective and a great deal of thought had gone into the logistics of being able to achieve so many changes of scene.  The lighting supported the action well and together with the well-cued “effects” and musical accompaniment the balance was achieved to a very high standard.  The attention to detail on the costuming and make-up is to be loudly applauded.  The creation of the costumes was a work of art and everyone looked so comfortable in their characters. Every member of the cast had the appropriate, individual make-up and the character make-up was excellent.  The lighting equipment which adorned the hall was well used and in a variety of ways creating some inspiring atmospheres for the various scenes.  Praise should go also to the sound technicians whether it was the creation of the sound track or the playing on the night the resultant sound was first class.  At no time did the music overpower the cast and nor did it fail to support the singers.  A truly good balance.

The Enchantress to the Forest, played by Marie Macpherson, maintained the continuity with grace throughout very ably assisted by Alyssa Jubert as The Fairy of the Forest.  Sian Rodd played Much the Miller’s son in true pantomime thigh slapping style keeping up the momentum and linking the scenes well.  Maid Marion was very courteously portrayed by Cliona Furlong who had a very pretty, clear singing voice and excellent diction in her dialogue.  Nick Massey-Chase took on the role of Nanny to Maid Marion.  He undertook the “dame” role with great panache.  Robin Hood was superbly performed by Dan Rodd who had taken over the role with only two days’ notice moving smoothly from the lighting box to the stage.  The “baddy” in the form of the Sheriff of Nottingham was portrayed to great effect by Angus Small creating a very nasty atmosphere around him.  Great credit must be given to Geoff Titchener who truly acted the part of the Soothsayer.  His stoop, mannerisms and tone really inspired the audience to look into the crystal ball with him.

The real stars of the show were Nickit and Scarper performed by Sam Rodd and Joe Forsey.  It is hard to believe they were both under eighteen so polished were their performances, their antics and their interaction with each other was brilliant.

The whole cast really got to the heart of all the dialogue and the localisation of several of the jokes gave the audience an extra titter.  A great deal of hard work and rehearsal went into this production of Robin Hood.

This truly professional production was a delight to watch and appreciate.  The cast maintained a cracking pace throughout; developing their characters well.  Congratulations to everyone involved on a splendid evening’s entertainment.