The Full Monty

Date 10th October 2014
Society Alcester Musical Theatre Company
Venue Palace Theatre Redditch
Type of Production Musical
Director Bev Hatton
Musical Director Hannah Wolstencroft-Hall / Asiistant MD Paul Alexander
Choreographer Dawn Tolley


Author: Ian G Cox

First seen on the big screen this now familiar story tells the tale of Sheffield steel workers who lose their jobs and discover the art of male stripping to earn a bob or two and regain their self-esteem. Containing great wit, innuendo and sensitive compassion it features a raucous comedy element with a resonance for the audience and certainly in the performance I attended one that brought at times cackling pandemonium from the 85% female audience, many of whom discarded theatregoing etiquette in the auditorium. From the opening scene it was screams and wolf whistles all round as the show progressed with pace and energy

This was a highly entertaining and enjoyable production with some excellent performances in the delivery of brilliant dialogue, and extremely well-rehearsed choreography and stage craft. Unlike the film the action is set in Buffalo, New York and accents from the characters were delivered in an accomplished manner.

The six  'strippers' were all fantastic in their various roles and brought humour and pathos to their characters, played with great style by Dave Hatton as ‘Dave Bukantinsky’, Hugh Duck as ‘Jerry Lukowski’, Jeff Gill as ‘Harold Nicholls’, Andrew Sutton as’ Malcolm Macgregor’, Jamie Glen as ’Ethan Girard’, and Frank Forbes ‘Noah (The Horse) T Simmons’. Whilst at times the vocals were not always pitch adept stage ability with brilliant choreography and focus on providing superb entertainment outweighed everything.

Notable songs were ‘Big Black Man' which had the audience wanting more ‘You Rule My World and the very touching duet 'You Walk With Me', between ‘Malcolm Macgregor’ and ‘Ethan Girard’ during the funeral scene. With that added bit of poignant humour as the men rehearsed their “moves” at the graveside.

Other appealing performances came from Debbie Salkeld as ‘Georgie Bukatinsky’ in one of many stunning costumes, Hayley Willis playing ‘Vicky Nicholls’, Kay Foster as ‘Jeanette Burmeister’ the men’s rehearsal pianist and many others too many to mention. Other that is than a show stealing performance given by Billy Vale in the role of ‘Nathan Lukowski’ effectively dealing with the consequences of his parent’s broken marriage. Recognising and helping his father come up with the financial stability to maintain access to him by keeping up the maintenance payments.

The production benefited from a very effective set design and a range of innovative props including a car, and a cleverly put together basketball game. Swift scene changes and lighting effects worked extremely well with some innovative changes throughout the production

Musically at times the orchestra seemed a little thin though balanced by the competence of principals ably supported by a very strong ensemble in the main chorus numbers including ‘That aint the Goods’ , and ‘ Let it Go’ performed in a variety of costumes in colour and design. 

Thank you Alcester MTC for a wonderful evening of easy to enjoy quality entertainment.