The Dracula Rock Show

Date 7th July 2012
Society Giz Giz
Venue Aberdeen Arts Centre, Aberdeen?
Type of Production Musical?
Director Rachael Silver?
Musical Director Ian Duguid?


Author: Douglas J Clark

Choreographer: Lauren-Jane Ritchie

The premise of this show was that the Vampires and the Zombies were unhappy with life underground and wanted to have fun up among the humans – as part of the audiences at rock concerts - but they soon found out it wasn’t all the fun it seemed to be! The 33 youngsters and 2 Adults in the cast had fun performing the show and the audience certainly had fun watching them. The script was peppered with local and national topical references which did not go unnoticed. Singing and dancing throughout were excellent. Robert Hodgins (Dracula) and Hollie Cunnigham (Queen of the Night) gave very strong performances belying their tender years as did Shelly Cunnigham (Shirley Holmes) and Hannah Jarvie (Dr Watson). The two adults, Keith Davidson (Professor Moriarty) and Andrew Brebner (Quasimodo) were suitably evil and provided much of the humour in the piece. Strong support was given by Charlotte Heatherington (Mrs Peterson), Dylan Shearer (Jagged Mick), Bethany Grant (Zazu), Luke Douglas (Vladimir) and Cansu Spengler and Amber Kennedy (Narrators). The orchestra too joined in the fun being costumed and made up as Zombies/Vampires! Congratulations to all cast, crew and production team.