The Adventures of Mr Toad

Date 23rd January 2016
Society St Augustines Repertory Society
Venue Parish Centre, Darlington
Type of Production Musical
Director Brian Coady assisted by Jan Scott
Musical Director Jonathan Clamp


Author: Peter Parlour

This was an excellent production with many excellent performances.  Peter Power played Mr Toad, and was excellent.  His riverbank friends Mole, well played by Martin McIean, and Rat, played by Harry Gilbert, really did work together. Badger, who tried to keep order, was well played by Alan Anderson. There was an enthusiastic team of Weasels excellently led by Adrian Frank, who really does put everything into every part he plays.  The other weasels were played by Catherine Frank, Cloe Taslor, Tia Lunn-Tyson, Martha Laundy Blair, Ellie McLeish, Grace Gent and Charlotte Humphrey. There were some very good props made by members of the Society. Mr Toad’s horse and trailer was excellent and Mr Toad’s car, Ned the Horse, was played by Sam Beamish-Young and Jeff Surma. Mr Toad had an amazing crash, and the audience nearly fell out of their seats.

The second half began in the Court Room and the Magistrate was very well played by Mandy Young, busily knitting a scarf.  The Clerk, played by Sam Beamish-Young, did his best to keep her concentrating on the court case. The Policeman was well played by Dave Cadman. When Mr Toad was sentenced and put in the dungeon he was rescued by the jailor’s daughter, delightfully played by Charlotte Humphrey, much to the delight of Aunty, played by Melanie McNiff.  The songs were well sung and the chorus of Riverside Animals gave good support. They were Anne Frank, Damian Wynne, Melanie McNiff, Mirelle Edgeworth, Leanne Carlsen, and Jane Thomas. With many scene changes the small orchestra was busy filling in, and they did a first class job.  This was indeed a very enjoyable production. Well done Stars.